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Mother's Day - Merries Offer

Promotion Period: 9 May 2019 to 12 October 2019
Promotion only applies to whole case purchase.
(e.g. Purchase 1 case of Merries Super Premium NB0-38, please add 6 pc of Merries Super Premium NB0-38 to shopping cart.)
For the number of pieces in one case for each promotion product, please reference to below table.

Product pc/case
252048 Merries Super Premium NB0-38 6 pc/case
347762 Merries Super Premium NB-60 4 pc/case
347763 Merries Super Premium S-82 4 pc/case
347764 Merries Super Premium M-64 4 pc/case
347765 Merries Super Premium L-54 4 pc/case
366912 Merries Super Premium XL-44 4 pc/case
365783 Merries M - 33pcs (Pants) 6 pc/case
365784 Merries L - 27pcs (Pants) 6 pc/case
365785 Merries XL - 24pcs (Pants) 6 pc/case
289873 Merries XXL - 26pcs (Pants) 3 pc/case


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