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AA1 Intake Whitening Injection 28 packs


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Product Details
Active whitening ingredients, by Mitsubishi Group Research & Development

YM《AA1》was developed by Mitsubishi Group with 100% natural fermentation, with "Torula utilis Extract" extraction purity as high as 98%, which enables 100% full absorption through the small intestine; and has also obtained "Torula utilis production and efficacy" patent from the Ministry, Labour and Welfare of Japan. This Extract developed by Mitsubishi is also currently the one and only recognised and certified by FDA-GRAS in the United States.

Certified by medical testing in Japan, reduce yellow skin complexion by 50% in just 8 weeks

YM《AA1》contains Japanese dermatologist approved whitening and sun protection ingredients "Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis Essence" and "Rose Petal Essence" which synergizes "whitening, detoxification, and anti-aging" effects with maximum results.

Clinically proven in Japan, reduces yellow skin complexion up to 50% in just 8 weeks, being a highly effective whitening treatment program targeting acne spots and dark spots. With effectiveness rivaling clinical "whitening injection", the skin quality takes on a completely new youthful vibrancy.

Pieces per Container

28 packs

Product Usage

1) "Intake whitening injection" treatment program
Targets "yellow skin complexion" and "dark spots, acne spots"
8 weeks, 2 packs per day (once morning and evening).
Within this treatment course, the high concentration intake of "natural yeast + plant extracts" as "whitening cosmetic ingredients" adds up to as much as 175,000mg, making its whitening power extending through to the whole body very noticeable.

2) Long-lasting "whitening, detoxifying and anti-aging" treatment program
Upon completion of the suggested treatment program 1)", 1 pack daily (morning or evening).

‧ Morning intake, effective whitening and sun protection.
‧ Evening intake, effective detoxification, suppresses "cells aging" process, assists "falling asleep" and "restful eyes."
‧ for those pursuing supreme results, maintain intake of two pack per day.

3) SOS strategy program
Intake 2 packs together 4 hours before engaging in outdoor activity, effectively block UV radiation up to 12 hours, inhibit melanin formation and prevent easy tanning.

 Pour directly to area below the tongue, washed down with warm water; or stir and serve with 100ml water at room temperature.

Product Warnings

Natural ingredients used in this product may cause colour disparity but it will not affect the quality and effectiveness of this health & beauty supplement.

Storage Condition

Please store in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight

Target Group



Tested after eight weeks, the benefits are as follows:
- Enhance liver’s「detoxification power」
- Dampens dark spots and acne spots
- Increases skin translucency, reduces yellow skin complexion by 50%
- Boosts underlying cell activation up to 70%, rejuvenating the skin
- Suppresses melanin formation, up to 12 hours of sunblock protection
- Sharpen clarity between eye sclera and iris



Product Size

898  x  898  x  898