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Lingzhi Honey 250ml

RRP HK$159.00

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Product Details
Vita Green Lingzhi Honey incorporate Five Colours (Six Types) of Natural Wild Lingzhi and Natural Forest Honey. It regulates the digestive system, enhances the absorption of nutrients, and strengthens the immune system and brain functions. It is a premium nutritional supplement for children & adult. Every kid loves Vita Green Lingzhi Honey since it is very delicious.

Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is manufactured by Vita Green Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Plant – a GMP factory certified by the Department of Health in HKSAR. To further ensure its safeness and quality (up to international standards), every batch of Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is tested by independent reputable laboratories.

Pieces per Container

250 ml

Product Usage

Infants: Take orally, 1/2 teaspoonful, 2 times daily.
Age 2 to 5: Take orally, 2 teaspoonfuls, 2 times daily.
Age 6 to 12: Take orally, 3 teaspoonfuls, 2 times daily.
Adults: Take orally, consume as desired.

Product Warnings

Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is a natural product. Colour and flavor may vary. Keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days after opening.

Storage Condition

Store in cool dry area. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days after opening.

Target Group



Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is made of Five Colours (Six Types) of Wild Lingzhi which possesses Polysaccharides and Terpenoids. These help strengthen the immune system and minimize the possibility of being ill. Since intake of the Five Colours (Six Types) of Wild Lingzhi benefits different parts of the body, kids who often take Vita Green Lingzhi Honey are usually healthier and smarter, and visit pediatricians less often.
Violet & Red Lingzhi – Beneficial for Heart
Green Lingzhi – Beneficial for Liver
Yellow Lingzhi – Beneficial for Spleen & Intestines
White Lingzhi – Beneficial for Lung, & Respiratory System
Black Lingzhi – Beneficial for Brain Development

Benefits of Taking Vita Green Lingzhi Honey

1. Strengthen the Immune System
University studies proved that wild Lingzhi in Vita Green Lingzhi Honey not only helps enhance immune functions, but also possesses immuno-regulatory effects. Hence, it is proven that Vita Green Lingzhi Honey helps kids prevent sickness.

2. Strengthen Respiratory System
Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is especially suitable for kids with weak respiratory system. Natural Forest Honey in Vita Green Lingzhi Honey helps improve the functions of lung and respiratory system. Hence, it helps sooth and lessen the symptoms of cough and phlegm.

3. Promote Brain Development
Scientific studies proved that Vita Green Lingzhi Honey helps promote brain development and enhance memory and discerning ability by as much as 64%. Therefore, Vita Green Lingzhi Honey is the key to brain health and intelligence, and helps to improve your kids’ competence in studies.

4. Induce Healthy Appetite and Nutrients Absorption
Vita Green Lingzhi Honey helps enhance the function of spleen and intestines, hence facilitates children’s appetite and enables children to eat healthily and maintain proper eating habit.


Hong Kong

Product Size

898  x  898  x  898

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