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Sagami Original 0.01 5's Pack PU Condom

RRP HK$129.00

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Product Details
The bliss of 0.01mm
1. How thin is 0.01mm?
The thickness of sagami original 0.01 is just 18 microns (measured by standard of Sagami). The easiest way to understand is to compare it with the cling wrap in your kitchen. Sagami original 0.01 is just half the thickness of it. Also, it is one-third of the thickness of your hair!

2. Can it be safe at this thickness?
Worry about the strength about this thickness? No, nothing has to be worried.
sagami original uses the next generation material - PU at the very beginning. This is a stronger and more durable material. Even it is just 0.01mm thickness, the strength is 3 to 5 times stronger than our latex condoms!

3. Body warmth instantly conveyed
Do you feel a cold shock during the first penetration? PU material has a better heat transfer efficiency so it can convey body warmth faster, it gives you a more natural feeling.

4. PU is completely odorless
When using traditional condoms, they always come with unpleasant stinky rubber smell and stay with you for long time. There is no such problem with sagami original because it is made with PU material, which is completely odorless and colorless.

5. No worry for latex allergy
Did you ever have allergic reactions like itching, rash, urticaria or other symptoms due to using a condom? There will be no worry at all with the use of sagami original because it is made with PU material and it has excellent biocompatibility. It is highly recommended for users worry about latex allergy.

6. Flexible and smooth surface
Because of the characteristics of PU, excellent feeling is achieved. Furthermore, PU has a very good thermal plasticity (soften when heated; harder when cool). When warmed with body heat, the material will be soften and better fitted.

7. Open, Take out, Put on! That's this simple!
The unique condom container designed by Sagami uses blister pack to pack a condom. With this design, there is no need to check out the front and back side of a condom. Just open, take out, put on! Using condom is that simple, even in a dark room, using condom will never be a hassle again.

8. Beloved brand
In 1998, Sagami surprise the world with the debut of sagami original - "non-latex condom". The world has changed ever since.
Since the product release, it changes the definition of condom completely. Thinner, stronger, no latex smell, more convenient packaging, achieved more natural feeling.
In order to provide a better product, in this 0.018mm thin film, we invested not only technology, but also our passion and vision, our heart to bring a better product to all our supporters.

Ever since, we are committed to develop a thinner, stronger, softer and continuously evolving our products.
To use the thinnest Sagami condom, that is sagami original 0.01!

35mm diameter;
110mm circumference;
55±2mm width

Japanese medical equipment approval number: 14500BZZ00151000

Pieces per Container


Storage Condition

Store in dry clean space under room temperature.


Contraception & prevention of STDs