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Organic Hair Colour 100-gm

RRP HK$195.00

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Product Details
A perfect blend of rare hair treatment herbs without any chemicals.
The is is the first certified organic hair color including USDA Organic, EcoCert etc.
No Formaldehyde, No Dioxane, No Ammonia, No PPD, No Resorcinol, No Peroxide, No Perservative

Skin Type


Product Usage

Hair Preparation:
1. Wash hair thoroughly before applying the colour paste, preferably using a natural/organic clarifying shampoo and simply towel dry.
Do not use any conditioner or oils at this stage.
2. The hair should be very clean and free from any oils, gels, styling products or residual products like conditioners.
Paste Prepararion:
1. Use hair colour powder in quantity as per hair length.
- Short Hair : 20g to 30g
- Shoulder Length Hair : 40g to 60g
- Long Hair : 70g to 100g
2. Use hot water at approximate temperature 60゚C to 70゚C (140 ゚F to 160゚F). Use pure drinking water or distilled water for best results.
3. Gradually add hot water to the hair colour powder, little at a time, in a bowl and mix well to obtain a uniform ketchup or yogurt like consistency
(The ratio of powder to water is around 1:3).
4. Avoid using any metal bowl or metal spoon during the preparation or application of the paste.
5. For very short hair, for stubborn grey hair and for difficult areas like temples, make a thicker paste by adding more powder and apply a thick extra coating.
Colour Application:
1. After a thorough hair wash, towel dry hair and the hair are still slightly damp, begin applying the paste from the roots along the hair length using the brush or
even by hands. Make sure to cover all hair really well.
2. Very grey and short hair are best covered by using thicker paste.
3. After applying the paste fully and evenly, apply heat with a
blow dryer for 1 to minutes and then cover your hair with the disposable shower cap.
The heat application may be repeated 2 to 3 times with a gap of 15/20 mins even without
removing the shower cap. This step is optional but highly recommended. Heat
activates the organic herbs in the paste, which helps to enhance the nourishing and
the colouring process.
Application Time:
1. After paste application, cover the hair with the
disposable shower cap. Alternatively, common cling
film may also be used to cover the hair.
2. Leave the paste on your hair for a minimum of 60 to 90 minutes.
3. Very grey areas may require longer application time.
The paste can be left on hair for up to 2 hours.
1. Finally rinse hair with abundant running water without shampoo.
2. For best result, we recommend using color retention
shampoo / conditioner only after 24 hours. If a shampoo wash
earlier than 24 hours is really required, a natural and gentle color
retention shampoo / conditioner is highly recommended.
Do not use clarifying shampoo after the hair dye.
Clarifying shampoo can only be used before the hair dye to
remove the hair buildups and grease, therefore for the color
retention purpose only use the color retention shampoo
after the hair dye.

Product Warnings

For the best results, choose the hair dye colour closest to your own natural hair colour;
For the dying performance and resule, it depends on the previous hair colour, hair nature, the dying result may vary from person to person;
Please read the instructions carefully before use;
Use the clarifying shampoo to clean the hair thoroughly to avoid the residues and chemicals on the hair before applying the hair dye;
For the first time users, the result may vary, please keep on using 3 to 5 times to get the better results;
A few people with the rigid and thick hair, the dying result may not be significant, please keep on using the hair dye repeatedly with multiple times to get the better results; However, in extreme cases, very few peoples due to their nature of the hair, do not have the significant result;
Hair dye may cause an allergic reaction that, in rare cases, can be severe;
If there are scalp abnormalities or if you experience strong skin irritation during use, wash off immediately;
Avoid the solution and rinsing water come in contact with eyes; Product is only allowed to apply on hair. Do not apply to eyebrows or eyelashes;
Do not eat.

Storage Condition

Keep away from the reach of children;
Store away from high temperatures, fire and direct sunlight

Target Group



Cover gray hair effectively; Completely Safe and healthy. Impart hair treatment benefits. Balance and nourish hair shaft to help prevent breakage. Leaves hair thick, lustrous and naturally healthy.



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