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Doctoreyes Syphilis (Treponema Pallidum) rapid test kit


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Product Details
Simple: Only one drop of blood is enough for the test. Reliable: more than 99% accuracy. Fast: Result in 20 minutes. Convenient: Additional equipment and stop eating before test is not needed.

Product Usage

This kit is used by the colloidal gold-labeled recombinant syphilis antigen (Au-TP Ag)-coated glass fiber membrane, recombinant syphilis antigens (TP Ag) and rabbit anti-TP antibody-coated membrane made of cellulose nitrate using colloidal gold immuno-chromatographic detection techniques and principles of qualitative analysis of blood samples from Treponema pallidum antibodies. Detection, blood samples from syphilis antibody with colloidal gold-labeled antigen to form antigen-antibody complex, due to the role of complex chromatography to move forward along the note, after a test line (T) pre-coated with the antigen-binding form "Au-TP Ag-TP Ab-TP Ag" sandwich materials and the mobilization of color. Free colloidal gold-labeled anti-syphilis principles of the Quality Control Division (C) and pre-coated with rabbit anti-TP antibody binding and enrichment of color. Negative specimens were only on the quality control offcie (C) color.

Product Warnings

Negative: Negative result does not guarantee there is no TP antibody in low concentration. Thus the test should be repeated at a future time.

Target Group

All ages


Hong Kong

Addtional Delivery Information

Positive: Please consult medical attention at once.