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Yeker Natural Solid Wood Stretcher (3 Angles) (Supplier Delivery – within 14 days – Free delivery upon $1000)

Yeker Natural Solid Wood Stretcher (3 Angles) (Supplier Delivery – within 14 days – Free delivery upon $1000)
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CharacteristicsMade in Taiwan, the choice of confidenceWon the ISO9001 and other strict certification, quality assuranceThe foot design is ergonomic and has a cave massage functionRegular use increases body softness and reduces crampingIt can be used as an auxiliary to yogaRubber is used to reduce foot painAuxiliary pull back hamstring, can prevent sports strainThe material is natural solid wood, the structure is safe and environmentally friendlyMade of non-toxic rubber, please use it with peace of mind18, 23, 31 degrees third-order step height adjustmentTake up less space, easy to collectSelf-health check-ups:Do you bend over with acid? Did it go well when you squatted? Is there any traction pain in the ribs at the heel part when you walk? Do you feel like your pace is always not big when you walk with others? If you have the above problems, you may have "hamstring deficiency", on behalf of your hamstring inelastic, often with a car, sitting all day, office workers and friends who do not have time to exercise more attention to health or red light. Try the hamstring exercise, is conducive to maintain the vitality of the ribs, maintain the health of the ribs, so as to improve the physical quality and extend the lifeBrief introduction:"Yellow Emperor's Book" records: an inch long ribs, life extension of ten years of "easy ribs" for the discussion of ribs and health: weak ribs are lax, strong ribs are strong, ribs and health. Modern people health in addition to exercise, but also through stretching ribs to fitness and wellness, health care and beauty is the goal of all people to pursue, with the progress of science and technology, life is more and more comfortable, most people use elevators, cars, sports opportunities greatly reduced, for long-term sitting workers , sitting posture is not correct and there is not enough space for foot stretching activities, a long time easy to cause back pain, good use of the hamstring plate can live ribs, health is priceless, health on their own, support the pull plate additional foot massage, With 10-20 minutes of hamstring pull every day, you can relax your muscles and stretch your musclesAdvantages:1. Train to adjust your standing posture2. Auxiliary pull-back heel3. Can be used as an auxiliary to yoga4. Men and women are available, old and young salty5. You can stretch your calves and the back of your thighs to make your body softer6. Small space is available for watching TV and listening to musicUsing Help:1. On first use, set the angle to a minimum2. Use step by step to increase the higher angle to avoid the sudden use of the higher angle18 degrees: According to personal needs, the angle of first use23 degrees: after exercise hamstrings, waist softness, the most appropriate angle31 degrees: more stretching, with better breathing toner effect3. It is more appropriate to stand for 10-15 minutes4. If you notice discomfort when using, stop using it immediately5. Hold your hands against the wall or tables and chairs and step on the pull-up plate, do not place your back against the wall 40 x 26.7 x 10.5cmThick: 27mmThree-stage adjustment of height and angle:High 16.5cm < about 18 degrees&.,&The height is 19cm < about 23 degrees&.,&The height is 23cm < about 31cMaterials: natural solid wood, rubberThe board base is fitted with 4 anti-slip padsLoad bearing: 150kg / 330.6lbWeight: 4k

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