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WWS 88 RO Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser Free epicurean - Gourmet Board (Supplier Delivery – within 10 working days)

WWS 88 RO Hot & Ambient Water Dispenser Free epicurean - Gourmet Board (Supplier Delivery – within 10 working days)
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WWS 88 RO Filter Set is included (Combined Filter Cartridge & Nano Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge)
FREE epicurean - Gourmet Series 14.5" x 11.25" x 0.356"

Product Features
1. Positively Charged Membranes as highly effective anti-bacterial sterilization technology to absorb and puncture bacterial.
2. Dual-filter system, 4+3 stage = 7 layers deep purification
3. Can removes 99% of heavy metals, lead, chlorine)
4. Can eliminates 99.99% of super bugs and ESKAPE multidrug-resistant bacteria*
•(*Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Enterococcus faecium, Acinetobacter baumannii, Candida albicans)
5. Can removes impurities, odors, and improves taste
6. 5L large capacity raw water tank reduces the frequency of refilling, suitable for a family's needs
7. 2 x 1.4L water jugs for convenient use, suitable for refrigerating and making ice water, as well as cooking
8. Easy-to-use touch screen interface
9. 4 preset water temperatures for different preferences (room temperature, warm water at 45°C, hot water at 80/100°C)
10. 2 preset water volumes for easy control (150/250ml)
11. Equipped with a safety lock to prevent scalding
12. Filter replacement indicator light
13. Instant hot filtration system, provides hot water in 3 seconds, eliminating the repeated re-boiling water
14. No installation required, plug-and-play convenience

Place of Origin

Hong Kong

Product Usage

Usage Notice
• During first time use, please check if any water leaks from or gathers around the dispenser. If there is any strange noise, burnt smell or smoke coming out from the product, please disconnect the power cord immediately. Contact customer services if you find any of the situations above.
• The power cord of this product uses a three-core plug (the plug has a grounding symbol). The plug must be inserted into a three-core safety socket with a grounding wire. Do not forcefully pull or modify the power cord. If the power cord appears to be damaged, please stop using the product. To avoid risks of danger, the power cord must be replaced by personnel authorised by the manufacturer.
• Please check carefully whether the circuit meets the voltage, power, and other specifications indicated on the nameplate to prevent overloading the circuit before use.
• For first time use or after replacing the filter cartridge, as well as when resuming use after long-term suspension, please clean the water tank and empty the first two tanks of water.
• At any time, do not touch the nozzle of the dispenser to watch out to avoid being burnt by the hot water.
• When light is on, promptly drain the raw water tank and add tap water. To ensure the drinking water stays clean, should clean the water tank daily.
• This product is suitable for tap water from Hong Kong Water Supplies Department with a TDS value less than 500, mineral water, filtered water, etc., but not suitable for well water or high-calcium water with a TDS value exceeding 1500.
• This product cannot be used to heat milk, beverages, or other liquids.
• Do not use accessories which are not authorised by the manufacturer. The warranty will be terminated if dispenser failure is caused by unauthorised accessories.
• Children shall not play with the appliance and shall not be operated by children without supervision.
• Place the dispenser in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not place it near any form of heat sources. The dispenser shall not be placed in an environment that may have inflammable gas leakage.
• When the water temperature or room temperature is low, there may be a brief steam release from the internal rapid heating system when the water boils. This is a normal phenomenon, but it should not be used for facial steaming to avoid scalding from steam.
• Place the dispenser on a cool and stable surface with good ventilation with more than 15 centimetres from dry walls to ensure heat dissipation and to prevent overheating, which may reduce the performance of the dispenser or cause a fire.
• Organic solvent such as gasoline shall not be used for wiping the housing of the dispenser. If cleaning is required, please gently wipe the surface of the product with a wet cloth after it is disconnected from power supply.
• When cleaning the raw water tank and filtered water tank, it is not recommended to use hot water to avoid affecting the taste and quality of the water.
• The hot water temperature is high, so do not use plastic containers to hold it.
• When the removable drip tray is full, remove the tray, pour out the water, and then put it back in place.
• To prevent damage to the dispenser due to water shortage, the dispenser automatically starts the dry-heating protection mode after power-on. The first cup of water may have a lower temperature or an automatic water cut-off situation. This is a normal phenomenon. Simply extract water again to restore normal operation.
• Due to regional, seasonal, and original water temperature variations, the actual water temperature may differ from laboratory data.
• Storage of water in filtered water jug or raw water tank at temperatures above 40°C should be avoided.

Shipping Information

Watsons Water Solution provides free delivery service (one-time)
After the order is confirmed, the customer service department of Watsons Water Solution will contact the customer to confirm the delivery address, delivery time and date. The product will be delivered within 7 to 10 working days from the date of purchase.

Free delivery service:

Delivery by Watsons Water Solution during the delivery period, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and public holidays. If there is no one to receive the goods or the goods are refused without reason, Watsons Water Solution reserves the right to charge an additional fee to the customer.

· Please visit for more details.

About WWS 88 RO Water Dispenser terms & conditions

· Watsons Water Solution provides 12-month warranty, starting from the receipt date of the water dispenser. Parts will be charged separately after warranty. Please keep the invoice for proof of purchase.

· For repair service, under any circumstances, customer needs to bring the water dispenser to Watsons Water Centre, 6 Dai Li Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, N.T. Please call Customer Service Hotline +852 2660 1993 for appointment.

WWS Maintenance service centre opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m; 2-6p.m.. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (except on public holidays)

· To purchase filters or other accessories, please call the customer service hotline +852 2662 1993 for enquiries.

· Watsons Water Solution shall not be liable for any conditions or damages resulting from accidents, alterations, exposure to the elements, misuse abuse or failure to follow the Watsons Water Solution's instructions with respect to installation, cleaning or maintenance. In case of any dispute, Watsons Water Solution’s determination shall be final.

This gift is available on a first come first served basis while stocks last.
Refund or exchange orders will only be proceeded upon verification, and the gift must be returned together.

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•Watsons Water Solution provides 12-month warranty

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