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Systema Sonic X Superthin Spiral Black Sonic Toothbrush Refill

Systema Sonic X Superthin Spiral Black Sonic Toothbrush Refill
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- 2 types of Charcoal Filaments:"Super-tapered Spiral Charcoal Filaments” plus "Super-tapered Charcoal Filaments. "Front and outer super-tapered spiral charcoal filament can multi-angle remove the dirt and plaque between teeth & gum. Mid-back's super-tapered charcoal filament effectively remove dirt and stains on teeth surface. Double cleanliness with sonic vibration in comparing with manual toothbrush*
- 40% thinner brush head* helps to easy reach and clean the back teeth
- Charcoal filament contains silver ion which effectively inhibits the growth rate of bacteria^ to 99.9%
- approx.18,000 strokes/min vibration with super tapered filament assists to remove the plaque effectively and massage the gum line gently
*compared with Systema Manual Toothbrush Compact Head
^ Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Place of Origin

Hong Kong


Brush to the back teeth with superthin brush head

Product Usage

1) Moisten the bristles with water and put an appropriate amount of toothpaste. Place the brush head in the mouth before turning on the power
2) After the power is turned on, the brush head starts to vibrate, you can follow the usual method and habit of using a manual toothbrush to brush your teeth. Please move and feel the vibration of the bristles in a gentle and slow motion
3) After brushing your teeth, please keep the brush head in your mouth and take it out after turning off the power
4) Rinse the brush head with clean water, drain the water, and place it in a dry and ventilated place

Pieces per Container


Storage Condition

Do not store in the following places:
- Places where the product might get wet (e.g. bathroom, etc)
- Under the condition of high temperature high humidity, direct sunlight, dust, air containing salt component
- Places where there are declination, virbration, impact shock
- Places for storage of chemicals, near fire, where corrosive gas may be present
- Remove the battery from main body when not in use for a long time
- Keep out of reach of children


- Before using, read this section well and follow the usage instruction of this product
- Precautions in the instruction manual explain the safa and proper way of using the product to prevent dangers/injuries
- Keep the product and its battery out of reach of children, Not intended for children under 4 years of age. Close supervision is necessary when used by children under the age of 7