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Smartfish Omega-3 For Kids 30s
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Formulated with high quality fish oil Omega-3 to support children’s healthy development

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• Each pack contains 240mg DHA and 177mg EPA• Support development of brain function, enhance learning ability• Improve attention, memory and emotional management• Promote healthy vision and eye health• Strengthen immunity and promote healthy growingPatented Emulsion technology - Enhance Omegga-3 AbsorptionThe unique properties of the emulsion technology ensure a tasty delivery of nutrients by protecting Omega-3 fatty acids from oxidizing. It is proved that the absorption of EPA & DHA increased 2-3 fold in emulsified fish oil when comparing with non-emulsified fish oil.1Fresh natural Norwegian fish oil manufactured in the high quality standardsThe product is made of fresh natural Norwegian fish oil. It contains no heavy metals or pollutants. The easy-to-open sachets guarantee freshness and potency of the delicate fish oils by protecting it from oxygen and light at all times. Manufacturing processes meet the requirements of BRC Global Standard for food safety and quality.Delicious smooth cream suitable for children aged 1 and aboveIt can easily mixed with children's favorite foods such as biscuits, bread, yogurt, ice cream. It is convenient and delicious way of ensuring children's daily requirement. It tastes best when served cold!

Product Usage

1 sachet per day for 1 year old or above2-3 sachets per day for those with learning difficultiesOpen the aluminum foil packaging, take out the fish oil and eat it directly, or put it on the spoon to eat, or add into the food that children like. Store in the refrigerator, it will be delicious after freezing!


Fish Oil, water, rapeseed oil, stabilizer(967), emulsifier(whey protein(milk product)), flavouring(mango flavor), acidity regulator(296), thickener(415), preservative(202), antioxidant(307(b)), sweetener(955)

Pieces per Container

5g x 30s

Storage Condition

Strictly store SmartFish® in cool, dry place under 25°C and avoid exposure to heat/direct sunlight. Due to the fragile nature of the fish oil. It is extremely important that the goods are stored under the condition as stated. High temperature or direct exposure to sunlight might cause earlier oxidation of the fish oil and reduce the shelf-life of the product.


Contains whey protein from milk and must not be taken by individuals with milk protein allergy.