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Mai Air M1 Air Mattress (Supplier Delivery – within 14 days – Free delivery upon $1000)

Mai Air M1 Air Mattress (Supplier Delivery – within 14 days – Free delivery upon $1000)
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CharacteristicsMade in Taiwan, finely handcrafted, choice of confidenceThrough a number of international certification tests: FDA, EU CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, quality assurance, confidence selectionPumpHigh inflatable flow: 8 l/min to make the inflator more stableKnobs are provided to adjust the inflatable pressure of the tube strip (bed bed soft hardness adjustment)3 modes: Alternating, Dining, Auto FirmInterstitution (Alternating) time can be set (5 / 10 / 20 minutes)Meal Mode (Static): The pressure value is set at 2/3 and automatically jumps to alternating gas after 8 hoursWhen dining mode (Static), the meal is not affected by the vibration of the bed cross replacement gasIf the user feels that alternating functions affect sleep, they can also choose Meal Mode (Static) for increased comfortAuto Firm: The pressure value is the maximum set and automatically jumps to alternating gas after 1 hour3 false alarm lights and sounds: Low pressure, power failure, and Selector failure to keep caregivers edging out if the air cushion bed pressure is okLow pressure and inflatable pressure problems (Selector failure) have short-pitched alarmsPower failure has a long-pitched warningIn addition to the sound, there will also be a light signal to indicate which alarm item isQuick-connect plugs (connecting beds and air pumps) do not need to be inserted/pulled one by one, effectively preventing loose or leaking pipesThe air pump is equipped with a pair of hooks for easy hanging on the bed frame/bed rail/bed header boardGas pump with PC board control pressure, control high and low pressure is more accurate, low failure rate; General air pumps use simple Micro-switch mechanisms to control high and low pressures, and parts are prone to fatigue and failureBedsTwo sets of pipe strips alternately inflated, group A pipe bar inflated, group B pipe will slowly exhaust; Vice versaThe tubes are alternately inflated and the user's skin is not subjected to long-term pressure to produce hemorrhoidsTwo sets of tube strips each about 5 / 10 / 20 minutes of cross-replacement gas, effective prevention of hemorrhoidsThe pillow function (no replacement gas in the first to fourth tubes) helps to reduce the impact on the user's sleepThe bed tube strip (fifth to eighth tube) has four tubes with True Low Air Loss to keep the user's skin dry and significantly reduce the chance of hemorrhoids at several of the most stressed points of the user's skin (shoulder blade to tailbone).Equipped with CPR rapid exhaust function, easy for caregivers in emergency situations for the user first aid such as heart pressureThe bed is equipped with a TPU waterproof cover, which effectively prevents liquid from flowing into the bedThe beds are tweezers and each tube can be individually installed and disassembled for easy replacement and cleaningBed tube strips and quilts are made of Nylon and TPU materials, which are characterized by waterproof, soft and comfortable, flexible, extremely durable and environmentally friendly materials; On the contrary, the average hoverboard bed is made of PVC, which is more insoic, inelastic, has low durability and pollutes the environmentThe bottom of the bed is made of non-slip material, making it difficult for the bed to slideThe bed is highly load-bearing, up to 150kg

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SpecificationsGuaranteed: 2 yearsCirculating air type: two-tube cross-replacement gas (AB)Air pump model: Mai Air M1 gas pumpAir pump inflation flow: 8 l/minInflatable pressure (soft hardness) selection: 103 modes: Alternating