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Lens Plus OcuPure™ 360MLx3

Lens Plus OcuPure™ 360MLx3
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Lens Plus™ OcuPure™ Saline with its patented ingredient OcuPure™ is formulated to be gentle in your eyes. It contains OcuPure™ which uniquely transforms into natural tear components in the eyes when exposed to light, providing optimal convenience and comfort of a preservative- free product.

Place of Origin

United States



Product Usage

Usage Direction:Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling lenses.For Rinsing · After cleaning and disinfecting, rinse each side of your lens for 5 seconds with Lens Plus OcuPure Saline Sterile Rinsing Solution prior to insertion.For Dissolving Enzymatic Protein Remover Tablets · Rinse lens case and fill each vial to the fill line with Lens Plus OcuPure Saline.· Drop one tablet into each vial and allow to dissolve.· Clean lenses with appropriate cleaner and rinse thoroughly with Lens Plus OcuPure Saline.· Place lenses in appropriate vials and follow directions for soaking.· Remove lenses from lens case and rinse thoroughly with Lens Plus OcuPure Saline while rubbing lens gently between fingers.· Proceed with disinfection as recommended.*For full instructions and safely information, please read the print on the inside of the carton of our product.


Lens Plus OcuPure® Saline is a sterile, buffered isotonic solution containing sodium chloride 0.85%, boric acid, purified water, sodium hydroxide and 0.005% OcuPure® as a preservative.

Pieces per Container

360ML X3

Storage Condition

Store at room temperature (< 25°C)


Contraindications:Do not use if allergic to any of the declared ingredients.Warnings:Do not allow your lenses to become dry during storage. Do not use if packaging has been opened or damaged. Storage:Store at room temperature (< 25°C).DISCARD ANY REMAINING SOLUTION 60 DAYS AFTER FIRST OPENING THE BOTTLE.Do not use after the expiry date. Precautions: Keep bottle tightly closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.Storage in Lens Plus OcuPure® Saline is not a substitute for disinfection. Do not reuse solution.Do not use for injection.Do not take solution orally.Use before the expiration date marked on the container.To prevent infection