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Lacteol fort 12 capsules

Lacteol fort 12 capsules
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Lactéol fort® is an effective postbiotic treatment for diarrhoea, in both children and adults. Lacteol fort has been prescribed by hospital and doctors for 30 years in Hong Kong. Lacteol fort is an OTC drug available in pharmacy without the need of prescription that help to relieve a wide range of gut problems including acute diarrhea, antibiotic-associated diarrhea, bloating, abdonminal discomfort and gut flora imbalance for the whole family.

Registration No.: HK-34214

Place of Origin



Lactéol fort® is Recommended by ESPGHAN* Pediatric Guidelines and Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Guideline for treatment of diarrhoea.

*ESPGHAN: European Gastroenterology, Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepathology and Nutrition Guidelines

How does Lactéol fort® help your gut?

1. Restoration of the natural gut microbiota balance

-Microbiota friendly effect: reinforcement of the intestinal microbiota through inhibition of enterovirulent bacteria and support of the natural bacteria of the microbiota.

2. lmmuno-stimulation

Stimulates natural defenses:

-Enhancement of non-specific immune-stimulation of mucosal IgA production.

3. Inhibition of pathogens inducing diarrhoea (viruses and bacteria)

-Antagonistic or regulatory activity towards viruses and bacteria: neutralization and inhibition of pathogen-activated cell signalling pathways.
-Adhesion to the mucosa: inhibition of the attachment of pathogens and their internalisation.
-Bacteriostatic effect: blockage of the growth of enterovirulent bacteria as a result of strain-specific production of antibacterial compounds.

Key advantages

-Effective, Safe, Natural, with over 50 published studies & clinicals
-Works with your own microbiome to promote a healthy microbiota
-Protects against bad bacteria to keep gut health balanced
-Immune modulation effects
-No survivability or storage challenges normally found with ordinary probiotics
-Longer shelf life, no cold chain requirements; ideal for applications in subtropical regions like Hong Kong
-High consistency in product characteristics and properties across batches

Product Usage

Acute diarrhoea
Adult & Children: 2 capsules twice a day. Increase to 6 capsules a day on first day if required.

Long term usage
Adults & Children: 2 capsules once or twice a day, depending on severity.


Each capsule contains:
5 billions Lactobacillus LB Postbiotics

*Lactobacillus LB originally belonged to Lactobacillus acidophilus; consist of L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii

Pieces per Container

12 Capsules

Storage Condition

Keep in cool, dry place