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Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar Razor 5UP (Includes Magnetic Stand + Travel Case)

Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar Razor 5UP (Includes Magnetic Stand + Travel Case)
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Set include the GilletteLab razor with exfoliating plate (razor blade and handle), a premium magnetic holder and a practical travel case, as well as four refills . This is Gillette's first razor blade with exfoliation technology built into the handle, so you can enjoy the simplicity of every move with the razor. The exfoliation strip helps remove dirt and debris before the razor blades pass, and our 2D FlexDisc technology contours your face, ensuring every move is comfortable and in close contact with your skin. This razor features four of Gillette's best razor blades, magnetic holder and travel case. In addition, it has been designed to last up to five years. The durable handle is suitable for GilletteLab's razor refills, and some refills are included in the set.

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• Quick and easy shaving that makes tuning fun
• It should not feel difficult to shave. That's why the Gillette Lab razor has been designed to make shaving quick and easy. The design of the razor for men in this pack helps men shave quickly and efficiently no matter where they are.
• Built-in exfoliation technology
• Dirt and debris, such as dead skin cells and naturally occurring sebum, can be cleared away before the razor blades pass in every move, so you always get a close and comfortable shave.
• Designed for cleanliness on the go
• The magnetic holder included with the set allows you to store the razor upright, allowing moisture to drain off and keep the blades clean after rinsing. The practical travel case protects the razor when you're out and about.
• Adaptable contour technology
• GilletteLab's exfoliating razor has a customizable design that ensures shaving is both comfortable and quick and easy because every move of the razor is effective.

Product Usage

Unlike old-fashioned razors, the GilletteLab razor with exfoliating plate in this set has a customizable design that means it changes position relative to the handle as you shave. If you want to be able to shave quickly but still close and comfortable, first wash your face and then apply shaving foam or gel for better glide. Then move the razor in the direction of beard growth with regular strokes. Do not press too hard but let the blade head outline the shape of the face instead. When you're done, rinse off the blade head and place it in the magnetic holder so it can dry, or in the travel case if you're going further. Remember to moisturize your skin with moisturizer after shaving as it helps strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier over time.



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