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Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar Razor 2UP (Includes Magnetic Stand)

Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar Razor 2UP (Includes Magnetic Stand)
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GilletteLabs with exfoliation plate is the first razor in the world with exfoliation technology built into the razor blade. It has been designed for quick and easy shaving that no longer feels hard but becomes something you enjoy. The exfoliation strip removes dirt and debris such as dead skin cells before the razor blade passes the beard so that the shave is close and the way you want it. In addition, 2D FlexDisc technology allows the razor blade to move along the contours of the face, so that every stroke of the razor blade feels comfortable and in close contact with the skin. This pack of Gillette's best razor blades also includes a high-quality magnetic holder so you can conveniently store your razor and handle after use, as well as one additional refill.

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• Designed for easy shaving in a single move
• This men's razor has a durable handle that lasts up to five years. The blade head has been designed for effective shaving so you can shave off your beard as fast as you wash your face
• A built-in exfoliation plate removes dirt and debris
• This men's razor with built-in exfoliating plate is equipped with Gillette's best razor blades, carefully positioned for skin-close shaving. Before the razor blades are pulled over your skin, the exfoliating strip helps remove dirt and debris so you can enjoy a comfortable shave.
• Incredible comfort and closeness when shaving
• This razor for men not only helps exfoliate the skin, but also sweeps the path for the razor blades so you can enjoy shaving
• A customizable design for close encounters in every move
• GilletteLab's men's razor makes shaving easy and less cumbersome by contouring the shape of the face during shaving. 2D FlexDisc technology also adapts to the contours of the face.

Product Usage

Unlike old-fashioned razors, the GilletteLab razor with exfoliating plate in this set has a customizable design that means it changes position relative to the handle as you shave. If you want to be able to shave quickly but still close and comfortable, first wash your face and then apply shaving foam or gel for better glide. Then move the razor in the direction of beard growth with regular strokes. Do not press too hard but let the blade head outline the shape of the face instead. When you're done, rinse off the blade head and place it in the magnetic holder so it can dry. Remember to moisturize your skin with moisturizer after shaving as it helps strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier over time.



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