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Fluimucil® A600mg (Sugar-free) x 10 effervescent tablets

Fluimucil® A600mg (Sugar-free) x 10 effervescent tablets
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FLUIMUCIL® is a well-recognized Italian brand manufactured in Switzerland. It is widely used and recommended by hospitals and doctors in Hong Kong and around the world for its effective mucolytic actions. Its active ingredient, N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), is a natural antioxidant that has remarkable efficacy in reducing phlegm and coughs. It can increase the body's immune system. Therefore, FLUIMUCIL® is suggested to be taken at the onset of cold or flu to soothe the symptoms and shorten the duration of the sickness.

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FLUIMUCIL® can directly dilute the phlegm, reduce the viscosity of phlegm, and also soothe coughs. Taking FLUIMUCIL® at the onset of cold or flu can soothe symptoms such as coughing and phlegm. FLUIMUCIL® is indicated as an adjuvant treatment in certain clinical condition characterized by the presence of thick and viscous mucoid or mucopurulent secretions.Taking FLUIMUCIL® regularly can increase lung and respiratory health and reduce the hazardous effects to respiratory system arising from smoking and air pollution. FLUIMUCIL®'s benefits have been demonstrated by numerous international medical researches and clinical studies. Experts indicated that N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), a natural antioxidant derived through acetylation of a natural amino acid called L-cysteine, which stimulates and strengthens the glutathione system, helps to maintain normal pulmonary cellular functions, and automatically repairs call membranes, help us to fight against viruses. FLUIMUCIL® helps to increase body's immune system to fight against sickness and shorten the duration of cold or flu. Its anti-oxidant function has an anti-aging effect and also reduces the damages to the body caused by free radicals. NAC is the only anti-oxidant agent suggested by World Health Organization (WHO) on the Global Initiatives for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease Guidelines for treatments of COPD.

Product Usage

Adults or 12 years old or above: 1 effervescent tablet of FLUIMUCIL® A600mg a day. (Preferably in the evening.) Dissolve the tablet in a glass containing a small quantity of water, mixing it, if necessary, with a spoon. Hot water is not suggested.

Doctor may suggest higher dosage according to different needs. Please follow doctor's instructions.


Each effervescent tablet contains 600mg acetylcysteine

Shipping Information


Pieces per Container


Storage Condition

Please store in cool and dry place and keep out reach of children.


*Please refer to the product insert for detailed product information
*Patients are advised to follow doctor's instructions in using the drugs and consult their doctors if they have any concerns or queries.

Patients suffering from bronchial asthma must be strictly controlled during the therapy; should bronchospasm occur