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Watsons strives to pay back to the community by fulfilling our social responsibility. We hold different activities each year to contribute to the community and environment.



Our Position on Microplastics

Microplastics are solid synthetic polymer (plastic) particles, insoluble in water. Due to their small size (<5mm) they often pass through sewage water filtration systems and can pollute waterways; microplastics impact the food chain as they can be ingested by marine organisms. Cosmetics/ personal care products account for 2% of microplastic pollutants in the ocean*.

Ahead of legislations, Watson Hong Kong has taken the positive step to ban the use of microplastic in rinse-off Own Brand cosmetics/personal care scrub products development since 2014.

To further fulfill our commitment to the environment, Watson Hong Kong has decided to extend the ban to all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics, and targets to end the sales of such products by end 2019. Where Watson Hong Kong is bound by legal requirements in our markets, we will work towards full compliance with the respective laws accordingly.

*Source: Boucher, J. and Friot D. (2017). Primary Microplasticsin the Oceans: A Global Evaluation of Sources.


A.S. Watson Project LOL

Established in 1841 when Hong Kong was just a small port, A.S. Watson Group's desire to give dated back to our history when it was a small dispensary, providing free medicine to the needy. Since then, the company has grown substantially as it continues to build on its rich history of supporting wide array of community initiatives. On the occasion of its 175th Anniversary in 2016, A.S. Watson Group has launched the "Project LOL" philanthropy programme to bring “Lots of Laugh, Lots of Love” to further extend its love and care to the society, with its social responsibility projects grouped under three main areas- Health, Education and Caring Community. Please visit Project LOL website for more details: http://projectlol.aswatson.com


Watsons Hong Kong won the HKMA Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence

Watsons Hong Kong is greatly honored to have won the HKMA Quality Award 2016 – Certificate of Excellence. This was truly a team effort and it brought together people from across our business to really focus on our common goal and allowed us to reflect on the challenges we face.
We believe that agility is paramount. We have modernized and digitized shopping, transformed the store environment, and invested in professional, world-class service and developing new products. We strive for innovation and excellence to meet the changing customer expectations. To stand out and be worthy of consumer loyalty takes more, we ensure the voice of the consumer is at the very heart of every decision.
We will continue to build on our scale and experience in a way that embraces our passion and dynamism. Watsons Hong Kong is committed to meeting the challenges of the future, in providing excellent service to customers.


Plastic Container Recycle Programme

Since 2015, Watsons has launched “Plastic Container Recycling Programme”to collect plastic containers of own brand personal care products at all stores in Hong Kong. Also, different promotions have been offered to encourage active public participation and raise general public awareness in environmental protection. Since 2016, Watsons has joined forces with World Green Organisation, Watsons Water and Baguio Green Group to further extend the recycling programme to collect any plastic containers of any personal care products or bottled water. Up-cycling workshops are also organized by using recycled bottles and materials to make proactive endeavours to protect our environment.


Hong Kong Single Parents Association

Watsons has partnered with Hong Kong Single Parents Association since 2015 to provide family support services, counseling and job trainings to the single parents. Watsons encourages customers to support grass root single parents families by placing donation boxes at cashiers and selling charity bears at stores. Watsons volunteer team also collaborated with Hong Kong Single Parents Association to organise various volunteering activities including home visit, interview and beauty workshop, dietitian talk and cooking competition, etc. to spread love and care to participants and encourage them to stay independent and get back into society.


Go Green Office

A.S. Watson Group and its subsidiary Retail Hong Kong business units are awarded both the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal's (UNSDG) "Better World Company Label" and the World Green Organisation's (WGO) "Green Office Label" under the "Green Office Awards Labelling Scheme" (GOALS) jointly launched by WGO and Junior Chamber International (JCI); in recognition of the Group’s achievement and commitment to improve its environmental performance through the successful implementation of energy savings, water savings, waste reduction, paper & printing and IT use & disposal.


Watsons Loving Charity Fundraising Campaign

Watsons first began “Watsons Loving Charity Fundraising Campaign” in 2004. Through activities like donation box placement, charity sales of bears, calendar and selected products, Watsons has raised fund for different local charities like Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation, UNICEF, Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation, Orbis, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and Hong Kong Single Parents Association for over 10 years. 


Hong Kong Red Cross Pass-it-On Campaign

Since 2008, Watsons has fully supported Hong Kong Red Cross Pass-it-On Campaign by selling charity bear products in stores to raise funds for its humanitarian work to help those in need.


FIVB World Grand Prix

Watsons has been the title sponsor of FIVB World Grand Prix in Hong Kong for the 7th year since 2010. Apart from sponsoring the games to encourage the public to improve health through sports, Watsons also held a series of community events under the “Love and Care Volleyball Campaign” – a programme where renowned former China volleyball national team players and volunteers bring soft volleyball classes to underprivileged children living in remote areas, and invite them and their family to the FIVB matches to experience the incredible atmosphere and sportsmanship.


Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation
Pink Walk For Breast Health

Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women in Hong Kong. Watsons believes that raising public awareness and health education is the key to success in this battle. Through taking part in the walk and holding a series of charity sales, funds are raised to support the work of Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation.


Disaster Relief

Watsons has always responded quickly to help those affected by natural disasters. Through fundraising campaigns held in stores, Watsons encourages customers to make donations to support the relief efforts and help those in need.


A.S. Watson Group Global Volunteer Day

To support A.S. Watson Group’s annual Global Volunteer Day, Watsons volunteers took part in the Beach Cleanup Day, cleaning Clear Water Bay Second Beach, contributing to the conservation of Hong Kong’s coastline.