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焦油你嘅濕疹救星! Tar can Save You from Eczema!






As the weather is becoming dry gradually, eczema may become troubling again. During the dry season, many customers will come to pharmacy for tar-containing bath oil or soap. But what is tar and its effect for eczema?




Tars in external products are extracted from pine wood and therefore is called pine tar. Products of tar present with different dosage form, including bath oil, gel and soap. Eczema is caused by allergic response of the immune systems to allergens, leading to inflammation. As tar can reduce inflammation and therefore soothe the itchiness, it is sometimes recommended by doctors to use with other medicinal products. Tar has a unique smell that not everyone can accept it. Nevertheless, tar is natural without any specific side effect. It is worth a try.




Apart from eczema, tar can also be used in other skin problems, such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Though the mechanism of tar in psoriasis is unknown, it can reduce inflammation, itching and scaling. Symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis on scalp includes dandruff, itching and reddened skin, that can be controlled by tar shampoo. The usage of tar shampoo is the same as normal shampoo except that gentle massage is needed, and soap should be left on scalp for 5 minutes before washing off.




Watsons Pharmacy Team


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