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Terms & Conditions for MoneyBack VIP Upgrade Programme

1.    VIP Upgrade Programme starts from today till 31 Dec 2019, full VIP privileges and rewards only applicable to eligible Watsons HK and Macau members who provide full and accurate personal and contact details.
2.    MoneyBack Members with accumulative spending across PARKnSHOP, Watsons and FROTRESS (online + offline) over $30,000 in total will be upgraded to VIP status on the 2nd working day of next month.
3.    MoneyBack Members can check the accumulative spending via “Account” at MoneyBack App / Website <www.moneyback.com.hk/zh-hk>
4.    VIP status is valid till 29 February 2020and not transferable.
5.    *1 Reward Point for every HK$5.00 spent at Watsons HK Stores and eStore, for which Reward Points will be awarded at the rate of 1 Reward Point for every MOP$10.00 spent at Watsons Macau Stores.
6.    <Welcome Offer> Until 29th February 2020, Members newly upgraded to VIP can enjoy 5X MoneyBack point rebate if their accumulated spending at Watsons stores reach $2000 or above. Each member can enjoy 4,000 points maximum; Enjoy $55 discount upon $480 spending at Watsons eStore.
7.    <Birthday Surprise> Each eligible VIP member can enjoy extra 2,800 MoneyBack points for ONCE upon $800 spending as per single transaction in Watsons Store; receive ONCE $50 discount upon $350 purchase in Watsons eStore. Offers are not applicable to products on exclusion list.
8.    VIP privileges are not applicable to the purchase of stage 1 infant milk powder, phone cards/ prepaid phone cards, Octopus / Alipay value-added service and plastic shopping bag charging.
9.    Reservation is required in order to enjoy the Chinese Medicine Consultation Service or Magic Touch Make Up Service.
10.    Please refer to VIP member communication/newsletter for detailed VIP member offers.
11.    In case of any dispute, Watsons’ determination shall be final.