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VÖOST was launched in 2013 after recognizing a gap in the market for individual vitamins and minerals in effervescent form. Since then, we have become a leading effervescent vitamin brand and have established a strong customer base in Australia and various overseas markets including, Hong Kong, Macau, The United Kingdom and South Africa.

Our VÖOST Multi-vitamin/mineral supplements (MVM) are dietary supplements that contain a combination of vitamins and minerals which promote general health.  For those of you who do not get enough vitamins and minerals from food alone, are on low-calorie diets, or avoid certain foods like vegetarians; vegans and athletes may consider taking our VÖOST supplements. Leveraging off from the widest assortment of effervescent Vitamins and minerals available in the market, we believe that wherever you are;  whatever your life style is, we've got the right supplement to suit your daily need... with a FIZZ! 

To your HEALTH!