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Sebamed pH 5.5 Promote the formation of skin acidic mantle as protective barrier.

In 1952, Dr. Heinz Maurer, a German dermatologist, studied ways to help eczema patients from bathing without irritation. He noticed that the skin was actually covered by a layer of slightly acidic mantle which acts as a barrier to keep skin hydrated and to isolate environmental irritants. He therefore developed the first 'soap without soap”, a cleansing bar based on tensides which corresponded to match the pH value of healthy skin- slightly acidic pH of 5.5.

Today, Sebamed products continue to innovate, not only for the purposes of cleansing and beauty, but more importantly, to meet the modern environment and individual needs. Sebamed lead to tailored wide ranges of products with pH5.5 formula for promoting healthy and smooth skin. All formula as mild to support sensitive and problematic skin.

Sebamed, being No.1* medical skin care brand in Germany over years, is going to continue its commitment of taking care of the skin health for all family.

*Germany Nielsen & IRi retail databases; Personal Care; period ending 2013 – 2017.