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The Eastern philosophy describes the energy of the sky as Yul and that of the ground as Ryo.
When Yul and Ryo achieve balance, they come together in a dynamic yet beautifully balanced state.
This perfect state is called Yulryo.
Hair is Yul and the scalp is Ryo, the ground for hair.
Ryo is a hair care brand with the belief that a healthy scalp is the key to youthful, luxuriant, silky and healthy hair.
Every hair problem—hair loss, thinning and loose hair and rough hair—stems from the scalp.
Ryo brings the scalp back to its best possible condition.
Over the past 40 years, Ryo’s team of 60 experts have studied ancient and modern medical journals exhaustively. They have analyzed over 380 types of haircare ingredients and found the perfect complements to maximize the effects of ginseng.