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All pets get older from time to time, while sometimes it can be difficult for their owners to spot the first signs of ageing while it comes gradually and slowly. Can you imagine, a 5-year-old cat or dog usually still looks young and energetic, while he or she already reaches the age of 40 if we translate their age to human terms, which is in their middle age.


Pet Nutriland believed the precious time between you and your pets is priceless and never too long. Thus we devoted wholeheartedly and partnered with Veterinary to develop quality nutritional supplements especially for Pets to help them live longer, healthier and happier.


Pet Nutriland Veterinary formulated Meal Booster used the excellent ingredients sourced 100% from Australia and New Zealand, which is pesticide free, with no added artificial color, artificial flavor and preservatives free. And the range of Premium Chinese Supplement for Pets as a total booster to immune system are made with selected high quality Chinese ingredients.


Our microfine powder format help in easy daily feeding and easy absorption. Our Veterinary formula ensured the right amounts of active constituents to bring effective results that support the wellbeing of your beloved pets.