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Hirudoid is developed by Swiss leading pharmaceutical company Medinova which expertized in dermal products. Hirudoid is a well-trusted and highly praised brand providing healthcare solutions in Hong Kong. Hirudoid series include Hirudoid Cream, Hirudoid Forte Cream and Hirudoid Forte Veni Leg Care Lotion.

Hiruodid Forte Cream is the No. 1 most preferably used brand in Hong Kong^; Hirudoid Cream is accredited by Hong Kong Health Care Federation with certification for its quality and efficacy.

The newly introduced Hirudoid Forte Veni Leg Care Lotion is a soothing leg lotion which can provide relief for tired, swollen, discomfort and heavy legs.

Hirudoid is your all-round healthcare choice for anti-inflammation and veins care.

^2014 Cimigo Brand Study Topical ointment for relieving vein swelling, heavy and tired limbs