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HiPP is backed by more than one hundred years of history and is now the world’s No. 1 best-selling organic baby food and milk brand.  As one of Germany’s most trusted brands, HiPP products are exported officially to more than 60 countries worldwide, with hundreds of millions of happy parents.


HiPP organic products are free from artificial preservatives, growth hormones and other harmful substances.  HiPP prides on its own Combiotic formula, offering a patented combination of Human Milk Probiotic (HMP) and Prebiotics (GOS), and all of the infant formula products are transported to Hong Kong in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment in order to preserve the probiotic activity within.


The HiPP family places its name proudly on its products and vouches for their highest quality.  HiPP’s laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art trace analysis technology; it systematically examines over 1,200 contaminants across 260 different tests, far beyond than the EU regulations and organic standards.


“The best from nature. The best for nature.” is at the heart of the brand.  Striking an optimal balance between three dimensions: ecological objectives, economic objectives and social objectives has long been the foundation of HiPP philosophy.  Now in its fourth generation, the company continues to embrace that philosophy to produce premier organic baby food, and provide children with a future worth living.


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