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Pharmsville is founded in 2000, with its product research focused on being "Healthy, Beautiful, and Safe". Its subsidiary brand, Devil Diet, is widely received by Korean women for its quality-assured dietary goods, which are produced from reliable ingredients and safe for consumption.
Since 2015, Devil Diet has gained acknowledgement from the Korean Government, landing it the first place in the Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index (Health Product) in three consecutive years. Among aggressive competition in the Korean dietary and health market, only Devil Diet has been honoured with such recognition, especially by the Korean Government.
In addition, according to a poll conducted by Moneytoday, a Korean press, Devil Diet has been voted as the Most Oustanding Brand Award, three years in a row. Along with awards such as Most Liked by Customers (2015) and the InnoStar Award (2017) first place, its recognition suffices to show its quality assurance and support from various fields.