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Wholeheartedly for HK babies

Cow & Gate has over 100 years experience and operated in Hong Kong over 50 years in helping mothers to provide their babies & toddlers with the nutrition they need for every stage of growth. At Cow & Gate we see the world just like mums, through the heart. So in Hong Kong we are devoted to creating a more caring and nurturing welcome for every baby-partnering with Hong Kong mums every step of the way to help babies grow up healthier and happier.

Cow & Gate understands the nutritional needs of HK babies. Our professional team of scientists and nutritionists reviewed and analyzed local research report, listened  carefully to pediatric professions advices to tailor our formulation for HK babies and take care of babies' needs at different stages.

Cow & Gate Complete Nutrition Formula is professionally designed by our team of scientist s and nutritionists to provide what we believe is important to HK babies needs :
•    Patented blend of prebiotics (9 scGOS:1 lcFOS ratio) 
•    1 DHA : 1 ARA ratio
•    Appropriate level of Protein
•    Zinc, Iron, Calcium and other micro-nutrients

This Cow & Gate product is manufactured in New Zealand with a high standard and stringent quality control. Cow & gate is a brand under Danone group.